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Last Modified Date: 15 May 2018
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Can leaders emphasizing and prioritizing sleep have an impact on Soldiers?

Article photo Initiating a pilot training program and follow-on study to assess certain leadership behaviors, beyond general good leadership qualities, and the impact on the behavioral health of their Soldiers.

This study is part of an ongoing Behavioral Health Leadership Project that will assess various domains of leadership behaviors, beyond general good leadership qualities. The project includes the development and use of targeted training to encourage specific behaviors and a variety of assessments to validate the effectiveness of the training.

MRD-W is currently soliciting feedback from behavioral health officers and platoon-level leadership teams at JBLM on the development of training modules for sleep leadership behaviors.

In addition, MRD-W is collaborating with the Oregon Health and Science University on their study looking at sleep leadership intervention with the Oregon National Guard. MRD-W is supporting this study by providing technical and analytical support for an actigraphy-based sleep assessment.

Each of these projects focus on helping leaders develop skills to emphasize the importance and value of sleep. Ultimately, the aim is to achieve improved sleep, better-rested Soldiers, and a more ready force as a result of leadership emphasis on this important health issue.

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