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Last Modified Date: 15 May 2018
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New Study Pilots Advanced Post-Development Transition Training

New Study Pilots Advanced Post-Development Transition Training
Left to Right: Ms. Merrill, Dr. Hoge, LCDR Toblin, LTC Mcgurk, Ms. Eckford, Dr. Adler, PFC Bean, Mr. Kok, and MAJ Boucher

A combined USAMRU-E and Center for Military Psychiatry and Neuroscience team conducted a pilot study with 32 101st Soldiers in July at Fort Campbell (protocol #1826A; PI: Dr. Adler).

Two groups of Soldiers were provided 9 hours of advanced transition training (Army Stress Management and Resilience Training [ArmySMART] material) at postdeployment. ArmySMART, designed for units that experienced high levels of combat, includes information on recognizing and regulating physical, emotional and cognitive reactions during the post-deployment phase. In addition to the training, baseline, post-session and follow-up surveys were administered. Soldiers gave the training uniformly high ratings and provided specific feedback about ways to improve the training material. This feedback will be used to inform a group randomized trial assessing training efficacy. In-briefs were conducted with two Battalion Commanders and out-briefs are scheduled for October.

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