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Last Modified Date: 15 May 2018
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USAMRU-E Launches New Unit Logo

USAMRU-E Unit Logo This quarter, we are launching USAMRU-E's first unit crest. I worked with graphic designers at the Medical Research and Materiel command (MRMC) to design a crest that would reflect the unit's unique history and mission. The unit crest is in a circular format with "US Army Medical Research Unit-Europe" and "WRAIR Forward" around the design in Army Medical Department Colors. "WRAIR Forward" is to reconnect us with the WRAIR, our higher command. "1977" is also on the border and denotes the year we were founded. There are two arrows on the inner circle, representing the cycle of deploying (white) and redeploying (yellow). The arrows do not connect; this gap symbolizes the phase between deployment for reintegration and training. Inside the circle are the words in Latin for "Protect, Optimize, and Enhance". These words reflect our mission: protecting, optimizing, and enhancing the psychological resilience of our Soldiers. In the center are pictures of Soldiers, a family, and a map of Europe, representing the focus of our work here in Europe. The yellow star marks Heidelberg, Germany, the location of USAMRU-E, the US Army, Europe and Europe Regional Medical Command.

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